DIY Trendy Barn Disco Wedding In Canada

Jenna & Adam had such a clear vision for what they wanted their wedding to be like and we are obsessed with how they pulled it off. A trendy disco in a barn?! What could be better? We love how many DIY projects they incorporated and how they even got their family on the DIY wagon, too!

I did every aspect of the decor myself. Seeing it all come together almost made me emotional knowing how much work I put into it all. – Jenna

Disco Ball Wedding Decor

I made the cutest boho acrylic signs with one that had one of my favorite Jonny Cash quotes on it. “When asked for his definition of paradise, Jonny Cash replied, “This morning with her having coffee” (Heart melting 😍)

Acrylic Bar Signage

We loved our custom neon sign! We had a pink neon sign that said “it’s all good baby, baby” (LOTS of people will want to take a pic of a fun sign vs. your new last name!

Custom Neon Sign

The pink disco ball will forever be an icon, and the fact my dad hung it from a chicken rotisserie in a historical barn was the running joke of the night.

Disco Ball Barn Wedding

The photos with their dog who had its own flower collar are a sweet and personal touch

Include your furry friend

e did a confetti exit which made for the most epic pictures. (Seriously, check them out and shameless plug to my confetti company – The Confetti Farm) - Jenna, the bride

Eco-friendly confetti

Jenna let her maids pick out their own dresses in her chosen color palette. The results are stunning and unique!

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

I choose a second-hand dress and had zero regrets. Someone wore this dress once, had the best day of her life… And then I got to, too!

Pre-owned wedding dress

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