7 Client Etiquette Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors

These client etiquette tips will go a long way to making sure you’re a good boss for your team.

If that vendor ends up being a “no,” it’s extremely helpful to them if you tell them as much. You don’t have to go into detail; simply saying something like “Hi. Thanks for your time. We’ve gone in a different direction.” works wonders.

Please don’t ghost.

Tip, if it’s at all possible for you to tip.

If tips really aren’t in your budget, I hear that, but there are other ways to express your gratitude. I encourage you to 100 percent do the next suggestion on this list.

Reviews are also an excellent way to supplement or, as needed, replace a tip if tipping wasn’t possible for you and your partner. So this client etiquette tip is 100% FREE.

Write a review (even if it’s only one sentence).

Don’t be a jerk. Treat your vendor team like you would treat your coworkers.

Respect our pronouns, dietary needs, and general humanity.

Remember that you’re not our only client

Your wedding is YOUR WEDDING. It’s the main focus of your time, energy, and money. Wedding vendors know and respect that. They also have between one to five dozen more clients just like you who they are also trying to serve.

Does this vendor require a meal? How many hours did you hire them for? Is tip already included? When is your next payment due and how do you pay it? Nearly always, you already have the answer. Check the contract.

Before you ask, check the contract.

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