Cost-Cutting Tips for the Bachelorette Party

Planning an affordable bachelorette bash for the bride can be done if you use this savvy money-saving advice.

Rather than ask everyone to bring a present to the bachelorette party, have everyone chip in a small amount in advance to get the bride a group gift.  With a small contribution from everyone you can get the bride something she will love and of a higher quality than what each person can afford on her own.

Organize a Group Gift

Save your money for the evening bachelorette events and spend a low-key afternoon with the girls.  You can pack a picnic, magazines, and games and head to the nearest park.  For the bride who loves outdoor activities, plan an afternoon of mountain biking or hiking.

Play in the Daytime

Host a Pre-Game

Kick off the evening bachelorette party festivities with a pre-game at the home of someone from the bridal party or in your hotel room. Create a signature cocktail that you know the bride will love or pop some bubbly.

Use Your Negotiation Skills

Don’t be afraid to ask for group discounts. Many restaurants, bars, and other venues love to host large groups and will provide a great deal if you can guarantee a certain number of guests.

Stay Local

One of the heftiest costs involved with planning an epic bachelorette bash is traveling out of town to some exotic locale. Think about what sort of fun you could get into in your own city, and plan the ultimate staycation for the bride-to-be.

Instead of indulging in lavish spa treatments, opt for manicures or blowouts, which are generally less expensive but will still leave everyone feeling pampered.

Scale Back

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