Digital Wedding Invitations

The Budget Savvy Bride

Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!

From offering a budget-friendly alternative to being far more eco-friendly, there are plenty of reasons to love (and send) digital wedding invitations

Why We Love Digital Wedding Invitations


Save Your Budget

Couples can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars on wedding invitations, and that’s before they add in the cost to mail them

when an invitation is sent digitally, the reply will also be sent digitally. That means your tracking will go from a DIY project to a process that’s essentially done for you!

Make RSVPs a Breeze

The digital wedding invitations are sent via email. Paper and fuel are suddenly removed from the equation, which is a wonderful positive for our world. 

Embrace the Environment

Joy has a wide variety of digital wedding invitations to choose from. they also have an app and other various wedding tools

Joy • Online Wedding Invitations

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