DIY Bridal  Flower Hat

Customize a floppy hat for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or honeymoon!

This step by step process is fool-proof and will upgrade your bachelorette weekend brunch look like an influencer.

Or two or three or four or five.

Put A Flower On it!

Supplies you’ll need: – floppy hat – floral wire – snips – floral adhesive/cool glue – flowers (fresh or faux)

DIY Bridal Flower Hat

I am not a pro on hat shapes or styles but choose what works best for you and the look you are going for. Any hat will do!

Step one: Source a hat.

All you need are some wire, snips, and if it is a one-time use hat (that you don’t mind getting glue on) you can always use glue to help set your flowers in the perfect position.

Step two: gather your supplies.

faux or fresh. In this tutorial, we are using fresh.

Step three: Get your flowers.

Prep all your flowers and greenery.  Pick out your fave blooms, clean off any unwanted leaves or petals that look less than stellar. Snip smaller, more manageable stems of greenery.

Step four: Prep.

I think of it as making a greenery halo around the bridal flower hat, you can go as heavy or as light on the greenery as you’d like. I went fairly light on our hat.

Step 5: wire on your greenery.

Here we’ve used garden roses. Cut the rose as close to the base of the bloom as possible and thread the wire through the base.

Wire your focal flowers.

You can wire in as many blooms as you like. Play with the design that best fits your personality.

Step 6: Attach filler flowers

If you want more detail on your bridal flower hat you can use other filler flowers or smaller leaves from your greenery to create more depth and composition.

Step 7: Finishing touches.

Doing your own wedding flowers has never been easier.