DIY Dessert Table Backdrop

In my vision of the dessert table, there are thrift store cake stands put together by me, little paper tent cards labelling each food item, a “Love Is Sweet” banner hanging from the table, and a ribbon garland backdrop behind it all.

I loved the pictures of ribbon garlands and bunting I saw on pinterest, and knew that it would be plenty easy enough to create something on my own.

DIY Dessert Table Backdrop

I started with my trusty pile of hemp cord. I used to make hemp jewellery way-back-when (like, in Junior High), so I have TONS of the stuff left over, and use it for pretty much everything.


Next came the fabric. Yes, fabric; no ribbon was actually used in my ribbon garland. While doing some early spring cleaning, I happened upon a small curtain valance.


Next was a trip to a thrift store (I think Value Village) where I found a pair of pillow cases in as close to coral (our other colour) as was available.


Now I took the hemp cord I previously measured and cut, and started tying on the fabric, strip by strip. It is helpful to tie one end of the cord (or ribbon or string or whatever you use) to something so it can stretch out and you can see your progress.


Once you have all your material on, stretch it out completely to make sure that it is the way you like it.


So there you have it.