Top Ten DIY Wedding Projects

Every wedding is different, but if you want to have a budget wedding with unique and beautiful elements, you will have to do a certain level of DIY.

With a decade of wedding projects under my belt, it is hard to narrow down my top ten favorites. But, after examining which posts have been shared the most by you all on social media, I have put together our top ten DIY wedding projects.

Our Top Ten DIY Wedding Projects

I especially love when the dessert display becomes a focal point and doubles as unique wedding decor. One of the more creative options I’ve seen is making a donut wall – such a stunning way to displays your sweets on your big day!

How to Make a Donut Wall

I used a sterno burner (the kind caterers use to keep food warm) and a terra cotta pot that I glammed up with some gold paint. And, let me tell you, it really is simple to recreate. So easy, in fact, that there’s no excuse to not line a table with these at your shindig.

DIY Project: Tabletop Terra Cotta Marshmallow Roaster

If you are looking for a wedding favor idea that lasts longer than Jordan almonds, is more useful than a heart shaped bottle opener, and won’t break the bank, then this wedding favor idea is for you!

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favors

There’s nothing hard about this DIY Tissue Paper Letter project. Grab a cardboard letter, tissue paper, then punch, fold, glue, repeat. It’s seriously that simple! And what an amazing statement.

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Letters

I hope you found one or two (or ten!) free DIY wedding projects to help make your wedding beautiful on a budget.