Creating a DIY Tulle Wedding Backdrop

Want to learn how to make your own DIY tulle wedding backdrop to use as wedding decoration? Check out this simple DIY tutorial.

This wall of tulle was created in a way that seemed like the simplest solution to make the “installation” of the wall as easy as possible.

How to Create a Tulle  Wedding Backdrop

Measure and cut twine to the length of your walls Take a piece of twine. With help, hold one corner while your helper walks to the other corner and then tie a knot in the corner. Then, did the same all around the barn to signify the length of each wall and to identify where my corners were.

Step 1:

Measure spacing for tulle draperies. Hang your twine up in your home/workspace. It’s best to hang your twine at a height similar to what you’ll do when you actually use it. I started measuring out how far apart I would attach the pieces of tulle.

Step 2:

My “Wall of Tulle” is going to be hung in the barn, covering the walls from ceiling to floor. Combined with floating balloons overhead, I imagine it will transform the barn into the romantic reception area I have in my head!

Cut your tulle in strips to your desired length. Cut your tulle into strips of your desired length. Ours were 12-foot pieces (the height at which we are hanging the “wall”). Then, drape each section over the twine.

Step 3:

Add Multiple Colors of Tulle if Desired. If you don’t want just a white wall of tulle, feel free to add your chosen colors in as you’d like. I decided to include purple tulle (one of our colors) from a small spool (about 4 inches thick) and tied it between each section of tulle.

Step 4:

For each 54-inch piece of tulle, I took the ends and tied each one to the twine, letting the tulle drape in a U shape between the tied points. I liked the way the excess tulle created swatches along the top edge as well.

How to Attach Your Tulle to the Twine

What do you think? Would you attempt this DIY project or just order your own online?