5 DIY Wedding Flower Myths from Bloom Culture Flowers

We’ve worked with a lot of DIY clients and we’ve heard A LOT of objections, but here are our top 5 DIY Wedding Flower Myths. Number 1 might surprise you!

Look, stuff happens, and it might. But we give you EVERYTHING you need to prepare and be ready for this whole process. Being prepared really alleviates a lot of stress.

DIY Myth Number 5: It’ll be a Disaster!

There’s no one type of person that we work with and this approach makes it easy and fun for anyone, craft not required.

DIY Myth Number 4: You Have to be Crafty

We’ve compared our prices to those sites and we encourage you to think again. Sure you may get 500 roses but what if you want a little more variety and pay similar prices?

DIY Myth Number 3: Bulk Flowers Save You Money

With Bloom Culture you are getting THE FRESHEST blooms available. The exact same blooms that professional florists work with. These haven’t been sitting in a cooler for a week and then delivered to you.

DIY MythNumber 2: You’ll Kill Them/They’ll Die

We’re experienced professional florists and take care of all the unknowns and you get to put it all together. It’s a new and guided approach to DIY. We do the hard part, and guide you through the fun part!

DIY Myth Number 1: It’s too Hard

We know Flowers. We know DIY. And we guarantee you can do this. With our Guided DIY we give you the instructions, tools, and flowers you need!

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