DIY Wooden Frame Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

Nickell from Simply Handmade Studios is back with another project for us. Learn how to make a DIY Frame Wedding Centerpiece with faux Greenery.

DIY Lantern made from Dollar Tree frames   Floral foam in a dome shape Clear plastic saucer the same diameter as your floral foam Flowers & filler leaves Reindeer moss Hot glue Bucket with water

Materials Needed for this Project:

While the lantern is in production, go ahead and place the floral foam in the bucket of water. The foam will take a few minutes to soak in the water.


Once you're done with the lantern, hot-glue a clear saucer to the bottom of the lantern. Then glue reindeer moss around it to cover the bare balsa wood. Make sure the saucer is able to hold the size of the floral foam I had. The foam size will vary depending on the size of the lantern.

Once you have the foam inside, start sticking in the filler leaves in the dome. Be sure not to re-use a hole that has been punctured. This will form an air pocket and not allow the plant to drink the water that has soaked in the foam.

Once you’re happy with the way the arrangement looks, you’re all done! So easy, right??

View the Full Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video!