Do Marriages with Cheap Weddings Last Longer? This Mom Thinks So!

The Budget Savvy Bride

A cheap wedding is a key to a long-lasting marriage and refuses to help with any expenses.

When one mother refused to help financially support her daughter’s wedding, the bride-to-be was left speechless. Find out whether or not a budget wedding could be a long-term solution for couples marrying today.

Wedding Plan

Jill, is torn between her desire to support her daughter’s upcoming wedding and her belief that expensive weddings are a recipe for short-lived marriages.

She encouraged her daughter to have a small and affordable wedding to avoid falling into the “bridezilla” curse. However, she didn’t take the advice well and cried, accusing her mother of being heartless and unsupportive.

Because Jill and her sister decided not to give the bride-to-be any money for the $40K bill, they have been uninvited from the wedding for failing to contribute and for “not being supportive enough.”

 Here is how internet responded


One volunteered, “On what planet do uncles and aunts chip in (significantly) for the wedding?! Your daughter is deluded and entitled!”

Your Daughter Is Entitled

Another person suggested, “$40,000 is a down payment on a house, not the cost of a glorified party: unless your last name is Warbucks, then it’s a fairly ridiculous ask.

Down Payment on a House

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