The Top Places to Find

Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Looking for an engagement ring from a company that uses sustainable and socially-conscious practices? Check out this list of top companies to find eco-friendly engagement rings!

If you’re considering getting engaged and want to find an eco-friendly ring, you’re in luck! There are a lot of great options out there. Here are some of the top places to look for sustainably sourced rings.

Top Sites to Shop for 

eco-friendly engagement rings


How they care for the environment:  AuRate offers shoppers the option to choose from traditional diamonds that follow Kimberly Process guidelines or lab-grown diamonds. Plus, all of the gold they use is 100% recycled, and they also look to sustainably harvest pearls. The charities they support are also worth mentioning, and so is their diversity model.

Blue Nile

How they care for the environment:  The biggest notes we could find are about how Blue Nile adheres to the Kimberly Process. If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring from an online retailer that not only offers quality diamonds but can also make you feel confident about shopping online, Blue Nile is a company to know!

Brilliant Earth

How they care for the environment:  Their diamond standards already hint about the care they extend toward the environment and its communities. Further, they also try to incorporate 100% recycled metal into all of their pieces whenever needed, donate to rainforest conservation, and use recycled packaging to ship their pieces.


How they care for the environment:  The Brooklyn-based brand follows the Kimberly Process for all new diamonds, and they also grow their own diamonds in a lab. Catbird looks to recycled gold, too. They make all of their jewelry in NYC, which helps to eliminate pollution from transportation and the supply chain.

Clean Origin

How they care for the environment:  Rather than ever relying on the Kimberly Process to ensure their diamonds are ethical, Clean Origin chose to create all of their diamond pieces from lab-grown diamonds. It’s a straightforward and to-the-point choice!

Frank Darling

How they care for the environment:  The brand only sells “conflict-free” diamonds or lab-grown diamonds from their collection, which they carefully curate. They’re also big fans of recycled diamonds! Frank Darling is based in New York City, which meets our U.S. based suggestion!

Ken & Dana Design

How they care for the environment:  The company adheres to the Kimberly Process,  and they also offer the option to design an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond. What makes Ken & Dana different is you can also purchase a Canadian origin diamond! Plus, all pieces are designed in their NYC studio and include 100% recycled metal.


How they care for the environment:  All of MiaDonna’s diamonds are lab-grown or simulants, which means you will never have to worry about your ring including a stone that was not ethically or sustainably sourced. They also only use recycled metal, and they even have a foundation called The Greener Diamond Foundation.

Taylor & Hart

How they care for the environment:  Although Taylor & Hart adheres to the Kimberly Process, their care for the environment is not as extensive as other brands. The ring’s design begins in London as a sketch before it is send to China for manufacturing and then back to London for finishing. That’s a lot of travel, a lot of reliance on the supply chain, and a lot of potential pollution.


How they care for the environment:  Vrai’s sustainability mission is no joke, and they present it best: “Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our business. Using advanced technology, VRAI diamonds are created in our zero-emission foundry in America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest with 100% hydropower from the majestic Columbia River. We only offer excellent quality cuts of our sustainable produced diamond.” Their use of 100% recycled gold and sustainable packaging are also worth mentioning.

Planning an eco-friendly wedding does take effort, but you can kick off your sustainable celebration with your engagement ring! By choosing to only shop with brands that adhere to certain standards, you can own a ring that honors your story and cares for our world in the process. What could be more beautiful?