Eco-friendly Wedding Decor Ideas

Looking for eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas to reduce wedding waste? Don’t miss these sustainable wedding ideas, tips, and resources for your big day!

Borrow some decorative details from nature and incorporate them into your wedding style. For example, use real leaves as place cards for your guests to find their seat at the reception.

1. Incorporate natural elements in your wedding details

Rather than printing hundreds of paper menus, wedding programs, or signage pieces for your ceremony & reception, consider multi-purpose sign options that can be used again after the wedding. Think chalkboards or acrylic or glass pieces that can be customized with markers or paint.

2. Choose reusable signage options instead of printed signs

Save money and the planet by upcycling items from around your home (or your recycling bin) to reuse and repurpose as decorations for your wedding.

3. Make upcycled wedding decorations

Instead of purchasing a bunch of new stuff to decorate your wedding reception, consider buying used wedding decorations from a former bride! We love checking out local buy/sell groups on Facebook or exploring the listings on Facebook Marketplace. It’s like bringing the yardsale right to you via the convenient Facebook app you’ve already got on your smartphone.

4. Buy used wedding decor

As a bride on a budget, we know if can be tempting to go with the cheapest option in some cases– especially those things we don’t deem important like plates or tableware. Instead of choosing cheap plastic (but nice looking) plates that are disposable, consider buying real dishware secondhand from a thrift store! 

5. Choose reusable items over disposables

Instead of choosing disposable paper napkins, consider buying cloth napkins or making your own. Opt for linen, bamboo, or organic cotton for the most eco-friendly fabrics. Consider tying in natural wood elements or log slices for a rustic or boho theme, or use twigs in your centerpieces.

6. Select organic materials for your decor

One way to do good with your big day is to resell or donate wedding items after your event. Instead of trashing items or throwing them away, give someone else the opportunity to reuse them for their own event!

7. Resell wedding decorations after the big day

One way to ensure your wedding purchases don’t go to waste is by buying items that can be reused in your home as decor after the big day. Think signage, your card box, monograms, etc– all make great additions to your home decor and serve as a special reminder of your wedding day.

8. Repurpose wedding items in your home

Instead of lighting your entire event with electricity, utilize candles where possible to cut back on energy utilization. You’ll absolutely love the romantic glow created by the candlelight– it’s perfect for a wedding! Where necessary, use LED light bulbs for your wedding lighting, as they use only 25% of the energy as a regular bulb.

9. Celebrate by candlelight

No choice is too small, and every bit counts when we’re trying to do our part for the earth.