Where to Buy Eco-friendly Biodegradable Plates + Cutlery for Your Wedding

Save the planet *and* save money on your wedding by using eco-friendly tableware for your wedding reception catering!

When it comes to your wedding catering and serving, of course, you can go with rented dishes and utensils. 

How can I be eco-friendly for my wedding

on the cheap?

Depending on the style you’re going for, it could be a pretty expensive undertaking. Not to mention, depending on your venue and level of service, your caterers or servers might not wash the dishes for you or could charge you extra for cleanup. So if you’re looking for a disposable option that’s friendly to the environment, you’ll love these eco-friendly tableware options.

Check out these compostable cutlery products that are smooth, strong, durable, and will impress your guests!

Wooden Cutlery

There are many different types of plates you can purchase that are made of compostable materials. 

Compostable Plates

Love the idea of eco-friendly tableware? Check out some more of our favorite eco-friendly wedding finds on Amazon!