Eighth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your husband or wife to celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary? You’ll love these unique wedding anniversary gift ideas made of bronze and pottery for your 8th year of marriage from Etsy!

Antique Bronze Fleur Dis Lis Earrings

Dainty Bronze Heart Necklace

Antique Bronze Spiral Ring For Her

Roman Numeral Bronze Cuff Bracelet For Her

This hand-poured candle is nestled in a reusable ceramic and  bronze pottery vessel. Candle is scented with cinnamon, ginger, thyme and nutmeg.

Bronze Pottery Candle Vessel

Bronze Pottery Beer Glass

Bronze Garden Wind Spinner

Bronze Wedding Tree

Bronze Nesting Bowls

Sometimes the best gift is the perfect picture frame, and this antique bronze picture frame is a perfect example.

Antique Bronze Handmade Picture Frame

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