Envelope Liner Tutorial : DIY Envelope Liners for Your Wedding Invitations!

Want to make your wedding invitations look extra glam? Learn how to make your own custom envelope liners for your wedding invitations and stationery!

– One piece of heavyweight      cardstock or chipboard – Whatever paper you want      to line your envelopes with      (we love wrapping paper) – Xacto Knife / Scissors – Ruler – Envelopes – Glue sticks or tape runner – A cutting mat or      something to protect your      table

Supplies You’ll Need

1. Take one envelope and trace       it onto some heavyweight       cardstock or chipboard.

2. Cut out your template from       the chipboard

3. Cut 3/4 inch off the bottom       of your template, and 1/8       inch from each side. This       will allow the liners to slide       in easily.

4. Trace the template onto your       envelope liner papers. Be       sure to trace onto the back       of the patterned side of your       paper.

5. Cut out your liners.

6. Next, you can insert the       liners into your envelopes.

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