13 Epic Neon Signs for Weddings

Custom neon signs are a big trend this year in wedding decor. Here is a roundup of our favorite signs and phrases to create a neon vibe for your wedding!

Cheers Bar Sign

Set up your bar with a little neon glow with this Cheers sign. Comes in 7 different sizes and over 10 different color options to match the vibe and tone of your wedding!

You Are My Favorite

Light up your new wedded life with this eye-catching ‘You are my favorite’ neon sign. Great as a photo prop or wedding backdrop, your family and friends will just adore your attention to detail.

Pink Neon Heart

Around 12 inches high and almost 12 inches wide this little pink heart adds a sweet and edgy touch to your wedding. Use it as a backdrop, over the head table or near the bar!

Custom Name Initials Heart

Take your love a step further with customization! See your initials in neon lights centered inside a heart. Comes in 6 size options.

Custom Sign

Solidify your union with neon! Customize your sign to include your new last name and take it from your wedding reception straight to your new home!

Neon Sign with Est Year

Take your customization a step further and add the year established of your new union! This is a great way to commemorate your wedding day and remember your anniversary!

Wedding Arrow

Use your neon sign to help your guests find their way to celebrate your love! This whimsical wedding sign weaves a little directional arrow into the letter g guiding your friends and family on their way.

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