The Business of Getting Married: Important Legal Tasks and Things to Know

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Amidst a flurry of floral arrangements and dress decisions, it can be hard to think about the less exciting parts of getting married.

Though these wedding planning tasks might feel like chores, you’ll be glad to have them crossed off your list of things to do.

The Business of Getting Married: Important Legal Tasks and Things to Know

Before you take a trip down the aisle, you and your future spouse will need to make a pit stop at the courthouse or the vital records office in the area you’re getting married. Marriage licenses allow you to tie the knot in either a religious or civil ceremony. You’re not considered legally married until you complete the marriage license (it’s typically signed by the officiant and a witness) and send it back to the courthouse.

Marriage Licenses

There’s a misconception that prenups are expensive, time-consuming, and only reserved for the very rich. In fact, average people commit to prenuptial agreements all the time. The sheer act of negotiating and discussing a prenup gives couples the chance to communicate about topics they haven’t yet broached.

Prenuptial Agreements

Once you’ve officially gotten married, you’ll receive your marriage certificate. The license is what you get first – it’s essentially an application to be married. After you’ve filled out the license, had your ceremony, signed it, and turn it back into the county, you’ll receive a marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificates

With a few copies of your marriage certificate on hand, you’ll be armed and ready to file for an official post-wedding name change. You’ll want to update your Social Security card first.

Name Changes

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