Glam Christmas

 Stocking Card Holder

Since about 80% of my wedding is DIY I needed to kick it into full gear! One project I am especially proud of is my alternative card box.

So when I passed by these beautiful velvet stockings in Pottery Barn, I had to have them for my future home. Dan and I requested monetary gifts on our website since we’ll be moving when he gets back from his deployment, so I had to prepare for a flood of cards. And I knew that they would make the perfect card holder!

I am all about

investing money.

1. Print out the template.  I used a free printable I found on Pinterest and glued them onto card stock with Mod Podge to make them them heavier then just paper. 

Glitter accents!

Or you could even print out a cursive font on Word! Then cut it out. If you find a light wooden cutout in Michael’s, even better! You can pretty much make anything beautiful with glitter. 📷


The cut out (printable) of the accent you wantglitter ($3.99) – ribbon ($2.99) – Mod Podge (had some hiding in my closet from previous crafts but I think a small bottle is around $5) – brushes ( I had old paint brushed lying around) – hot glue gun

2. Mod Podge the glitter over the cutout. I placed the cutout inside a shoe box top to catch the glitter. Also, I recommend two layers of glitter, at least on the front, so that none of the paper shows through.


3. Hot glue the ribbon. I made a little bow to go on the Mrs. since I love bows. As you can see in the picture, the back of the Mrs. isn’t very beautiful but I figured no one will see it and I didn’t want too much glitter to get on the stocking.


And you’re done! Super easy. Just be prepared to be covered in glitter when you’re done. 📷