Greenery Alternative for Cuffs & Combs

Tutorial from  Bloom Culture Flowers

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Learn how to a greenery cuff and comb for your wedding day look in this simple DIY flower tutorial from Bloom Culture Flowers!

How to Make Greenery Alternative for Cuffs & Combs

Supplies you'll need:

Floral cuff or comb: – Brass Cuff – Metal or Plastic Hair comb – Paddle Wire – Card Stock – Snips – Floral Glue Greenery: – Leather Leaf – Salal – Eucalyptus – Bunny Tail Grass

These are so small that you will only use a few bits and pieces of each type of greenery. And you will actually just use the leaves of the greenery, not necessarily the whole stem as opposed to bouquets and centerpieces. Maybe account for having one stem of each greenery to use for each piece.

Flower Recipe:

Learn how to arrange this Greenery Cuff & Comb in the blog post! There's also a full video tutorial! 

Greenery Cuff & Comb Instructions

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