A Savvy Guide to Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Vows

The Budget Savvy Bride

When you and your betrothed exchange your wedding vows, this moment encapsulates the reason why everyone is coming to celebrate the love the two of you share.

Without these declarations of love, the venue, pictures, flowers, tuxedos, and dresses wouldn’t matter.

When the DJ has played the last song, the final slice of cake has been served, and all the guests have gone home, it is the promises the two of you have made in front of friends and family that will propel you into the journey of marriage.

Couples will often honor their beliefs in this way by opting to use their faith’s or heritage’s standard vows. However, this moment is about you and your groom crafting and creating your own unique wedding vows together.

Why Vows?

Should You Write Your Own?

There is no harm in opting to use prewritten standardized vows. In fact, the beauty of these already-created vows is that thousands and thousands of other couples have recited the same beautiful promises to each other throughout history.

Writing your own vows will require time and thought.  You’ll need to dig into your shared memories and try to use what limited language is available to put into words how you really feel about each other.

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