How Much Does a Las Vegas Wedding Cost?

The Budget Savvy Bride

We all know that weddings can get super expensive. Couples in the US spent an average of $28,000 in 2021. Couples who don’t want a large, expensive marriage ceremony often choose to elope to Las Vegas.

Clark County, where Vegas is located, has the most lenient of marriage laws in the US. This helps keep costs very affordable and has led to a booming wedding industry. In fact, an average of 70,000 couples marry in Vegas every year.

How Much Does a Las Vegas Wedding Cost?

Las Vegas has a reputation for being the home of inexpensive weddings — you can get married for as little as plus a license if you get married at the courthouse. But there are so many different ways to have a ceremony in Vegas, there is no set cost. You can go as simple or as lavish as you’ve dreamed. Regardless of the type of wedding you do or the special touches to make it memorable, you can often get married in Vegas for a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding at home because of all the options.

If a drive-thru with Elvis officiating comes to mind when you think of a Vegas wedding, I recommend a chapel. Chapels are the second most affordable way to get married in Vegas. They can be a fun way to elope, but they don’t offer much personalization. Anything you want beyond the package, like flowers or food, would be an additional cost.

Chapels ($100–$200)

Casino wedding packages offer significantly more options than chapels. I’ve found they offer everything from photographers to bouquets and boutonnières to a full reception. These packages are a helpful option if you want a beautiful ceremony without all the planning.

Casino Wedding Packages ($3,250–$10,495)

Wedding planning companies offer a more customizable experience. With a team, you can spend as little or as much as you want depending on the specifics of your wedding.

Vegas Wedding Planning Company Packages ($1,500  and up)

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