How to Create a DIY Wedding Photo Booth

Not long ago photo booths were only found at arcades and the movie theater. You had to have cash on hand and 15 seconds to cram all your friends into a tiny space.

Now photo booths still evoke our nostalgia but are so much more thanks to props, backdrops, and lighting! Best of all, they are easy to create with a small budget (and a little imagination) for your own wedding!

Your photo booth will need to be located in a place where your wedding guests can easily find it. Allow for enough space for guests taking the photo to not feel crowded. You should also allow enough room when people start to gather around to wait in line.

How much space do you have to set up a wedding photo booth?

The backdrop is where you can let your wedding personality shine. Maybe you want to go full glam with a glittering backdrop, strings of lights, neon signs, or sparkles. Perhaps you want the backdrop to match your florals.

What backdrop style do you want?

What type of tech equipment do you need?

Take time to research the best app for sending and receiving the images so that everyone has access. You can also use an iPad for the station or an all-in-one photo booth rental option. You don’t want your photobooth connected to someone’s actual phone but still have access to share photos with your guests.

Most venues dim the lights for the wedding reception. This allows guests to feel more comfortable on the dance floor and to create more of a romantic mood. However, you may want the photo booth area to be well lit.

Will your area have lighting?

Will you provide props for your photo booth?

This is where you can really have fun! Photo booth props are some of the easiest things to round up. You can make your own signs, purchase some from Etsy, grab items around your house, old Halloween costumes, glow sticks, hats, wigs, or even grab a couple of tiaras and crowns.

Finally, think about what items may just be easiest to order or rent for your DIY Photo Booth. Make a list of what you already have available and what items you want to purchase. Designate a point person to help you set up your photo booth.

What items will you order or rent?

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