How to Create the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

The Budget Savvy Bride

Hosting a wedding is full of many decisions, including everything from setting your budget to picking out the linens.

A thorough wedding day timeline is the one thing that will ensure you have a seamless, stress-free wedding whether you’re a DIY bride or hiring a pro!

What is a Wedding Day Timeline?

A wedding day timeline is the outline of events, logistics, vendors, VIPS, deliveries, and details that are relevant to pulling your event together.

A good wedding day timeline will completely answer the following questions when it comes to the elements of your wedding

What to Include in Your Wedding Day Timeline

This information is key for the framework of your timeline, and it’s also important to double check the information they provide with the details listed in their contracts.

Arrival and Departure Times

How will you create your timeline?


First, document when each team will arrive. Then, add when they will depart.

Start building your timeline by reviewing the details you’ve gathered thus far.

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