How to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

The Budget Savvy Bride

One effective, but potentially challenging way to slash your spending is by doing your own wedding flowers.

That’s why we wanted to put together the best information to equip and empower you with the resources you need to do it well.

Arranging your own wedding flowers is totally doable, especially with the help of these resources.

Instructions and Tips to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

First thing’s first, you’ll need flowers to work with! You could purchase flowers at your local farmer’s market or order bulk flowers for your wedding online.

Where to Buy Your Wedding Flowers

– ½ lb Spool Floral Wire – 1/2” Waterproof Floratape Stem Wrap – Floral Bunch Cutter – Floralife

Supplies You’ll Need

– Floral Foam Bricks – Floral Scissors – Pins, Ribbon, and Decorative Accents

Other Supplies You May Need:

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