How to DJ Your Own Wedding

Skipping a DJ at your wedding is one way that couples choose to save money. But before you plug in your iPod and set of speakers, see what you could be missing.

 Many couples decide to DIY DJ for many reasons: - A decent DJ could be a good 10% of the total wedding budget - They may not need anyone to make announcements - Perhaps the venue is small and a big DJ setup could overwhelm the space - They don’t listen to “Top 40” songs and would rather have total control over the playlist.   There are ways to pull it off yourself. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to pull this off!

No Budget for a DJ? No Problem.

Choose the app from which to play the music. Apple Music and Spotify are both popular choices as they have unlimited streaming options for around $10/mo. With these services, you essentially have access to pretty much any song you can think of.

Step one: Decide how you will play the music

Look into places that rent out sound systems or consider buying one if you think you may re-use it. Alternatively, ask around your family and friends to see if anyone has the equipment you can borrow.

Use Appropriate Equipment

Spend your engagement period by collecting songs you like that are “must plays” at your reception. Consider creating a few different playlists that you can add songs to whenever you hear something that sticks out.

Create your playlist

START WITH 4 MAJOR PLAYLISTS AND DECIDE ON THE MOOD OF EACH ONE: Ceremony: songs without lyrics, potential processional songs. Example: Yo-Yo Ma Cello solos Cocktail hour: upbeat, a little bit of dance, fun music. Example: Royals by Lorde Dinner: Chill, music to eat, have conversations, and give toasts to. Example: Do You Realize? by The Flaming Lips Dancing: Dance music, of course!

Song Selection

Tips for pruning your playlist: – Set aside time for a playlist party with your partner – Create scorecards labeled 1, 2, and 3. – 1= ”meh” 2= ”ok, sure” and 3= ”YAS!” – Play each song to get the vibe, and then each of you rates the song. – Songs that get a total of 5 or 6 points go into the final playlist. – Any songs with a 2 or 3 get deleted. – Songs with a 4 can be left on the original playlist in case you need them as filler.

Prune your playlist

How are you going about your wedding reception music? Would you consider DJing your own wedding?