Wedding Day Skin Emergencies: How to Heal a Pimple Overnight!

The Budget Savvy Bride

Don’t let a pimple stand in the way of your big day… learn how to heal a pimple overnight!

So you wake up the day before the wedding to discover that that pesky little thing called stress (and perhaps late night junk food stress-eating!) has caused a spot to form on your supposed-to-be-wedding-day-flawless face!

Dr. Nancy Satur MD shares her tips for quickly healing a pimple… even if you only have a day!

What do you do about it?

Your best bet:

Hydrocolloid Bandages: You can cover the acne lesion with a hydrocolloid dressing overnight (or for 24-48 hours) to help draw out the contents of the zit and speed its healing.

To reduce redness and swelling:

Cold compresses may help decrease inflammation for early “under the skin” inflamed spots.

Cold compresses

I would advise using a green tea bag (taken out of the hot water and squeezed a bit to get rid of excess water) to gently hold onto the blemish.

Hot compress

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