How to Host an Alcohol-Free Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

It’s likely no surprise that one of the biggest wedding reception costs is typically the booze.  Let’s be real– open bars can be really expensive.

While there are plenty of ways to cut your bar costs down from full bar service, some couples may not want to serve alcohol at their wedding at all.

What is an alcohol-free wedding? (aka a dry wedding?)

A dry wedding truly is an event that’s totally void of alcohol. That means no open bar, no happy hour, no champagne toast.

Why do couples decide to have an alcohol-free wedding?

Some couples simply want everyone to remain sober. Others choose to not serve alcohol for religious reasons, while some people keep it off of the menu to save money.

Will guests be upset if we don’t serve alcohol?

If we’re honest, it’s a possibility! Many people associate weddings with great food and great drinks — and to some, a “great drink” is an alcoholic cocktail. Some people might be disappointed to not be able to enjoy their idea of a full experience.

What can we serve if we’re not serving alcohol?

Most people hosting a dry wedding will serve non-alcoholic choices such as soda, juice, iced tea, and water. Items like flavored seltzers, lemonades, and fruit-infused water can be fun and refreshing for spring and summer weddings.

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