How to Make a DIY Donut Wall

Check out these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make your own DIY Donut Wall for the cutest wedding dessert table EVER!

I especially love when the dessert display becomes a focal point and doubles as unique wedding decor. One of the more creative options I’ve seen is making a donut wall– such a stunning way to display your sweets on your big day! DIY donut wall tutorial that you can complete in less than two hours.

How to Make a DIY Donut Wall

– 25” x 37” pegboard (¼ inch holes) – ¼” x 36” wood dowels (enough to make 24 – ¼ x 4inch dowels) – 12 – 6” gold paper doilies – 12 – 4” white paper doilies – Two dozen donuts (at least) – Ruler or measuring tape – Scissors – Pencil – Medium sandpaper – Handsaw – Wood glue

What you’ll need:

– Birch plywood (instead of pegboard) – Drill and bits – Acrylic Paint in your chosen color – Paint roller – 8” x 10” chalkboard – Fine tip chalk pen


Once you’ve chosen your color and theme, you can buy your supplies and paint colors (optional) to customize your backdrop.

Step one:

Starting at the edge of each dowel, measure in 3 inches and 4 inches and make a mark at each. Using the hand saw, carefully cut at the 4-inch mark, sanding the edges when you are done.

Step two:

Starting in one corner of the pegboard, use your ruler to measure 3.5 inches down from the top edge and 3.5 inches in from the side. Make a mark at the hole where these two points meet.

Step three:

Holding your pegboard so that it’s not flat against the floor or a wall, put a small amount of glue on each dowel where you made a mark. Then, put one in each hole you measured out in step four, pushing it about an inch through the board in order to create stability for the dowel to hold a donut.

Step four:

To keep the donuts extra clean, we added doilies to the DIY Donut Wall! They peek out behind the donuts and keep them clean.

Step five:

We recommend decorating your DIY Donut Wall and hanging the optional chalkboard sign before you put your donuts on the wall.

Step six:

Your DIY donut wall very well may be the star of the show!