How to Plan a Wedding for $1,000

The Budget Savvy Bride

Deciding how much you want to spend on your wedding is one of the first steps you should take when you’re beginning to plan your celebration.

On a super tight budget? Learn how you can plan a wedding for $1000 or less with these super-savvy ideas to cut costs on your celebration.

Cost-Saving Ideas to Throw a Savvy Wedding for $1000



When you’re considering what to wear for your wedding day, you’re going to want to think outside of the box! Consider borrowing formalwear from friends or renting pieces.

Get ready to bake your own cake! While that may seem like quite an undertaking, box cakes make baking easy, and you will only need to purchase a few ingredients in order to enjoy something delicious. 


The cost to work with a florist can be high, so skip the professional assistance and take on your flowers yourself.


You’ve likely heard that the food at a wedding is one of the most expensive things you will purchase.


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