How to

 on Wedding Catering

Save Money

So you’re planning a wedding… what are you going to feed your guests? Check out this list of ways to save money on wedding catering.

Though the cost to cater your wedding may be higher than other things on your list, like photography and entertainment, there are certainly many ways you can save money. We’re sharing all of the details because we want your wedding catering to be delicious  while still allowing you to have money left in the bank to spend on other areas that are important to you.  

Before you get too far into planning your wedding, it’s important to pause to 

formulate your wedding budget.

The higher the number of people, the higher the cost to provide everyone with food and drinks! In order to keep your catering costs within a more manageable range (whatever that looks like to you), think about keeping your guest list on the smaller side.

Host a Micro Wedding:

Size down the plates used at your wedding! Most dinner plates are 10”, but we suggest you size down to 7” plates for a wedding buffet. Using smaller plates means 3” less of plate space per guest– that’s space your crew would likely fill but potentially not eat. Anyone who feels the ne

Size Down Plates:

You need to know how much money is available, which parties are contributing toward your celebration, and how you would like to allocate your funds.

Some venues have exclusive caterers, which means the caterer they suggest is the only one allowed to work onsite. That means you won’t be able to meet with any additional companies in order to compare prices. You’ll want to decide if that matters to you! Check out sites like Yelp as well as Google Reviews, and wedding-specific vendor reviews on WeddingWire or The Knot

Do Your Research:

Is there something that can be served that meets the needs of those who are dairy and gluten intolerant? What about a meal that’s delicious for vegans and vegetarians? The fewer meal choices you have, the more affordable your bill is likely to be.

Limit Guests’ Choices:

Food and drinks cannot be enjoyed unless they’re prepared and served at a wedding, and knowing the cost of service is paramount.