Identifying Your Wedding Style: How to Choose a Wedding Aesthetic

The Budget Savvy Bride

Choosing the styles for your ceremony and wedding reception isn’t simply about picking from one of the popular wedding themes of the moment. Your wedding style is made up of a variety of elements that define the visuals and the experience of your day.

Selecting a color scheme, detailing the dress code, shopping for a wedding dress, ordering a wedding cake, and picking floral arrangements or other wedding decor becomes easier when you’ve taken the time to clarify your desired look for your special day.

Whether you have a modern wedding aesthetic or a vintage wedding vibe in mind, this advice will help you define your unique style for your dream wedding look!

Expert Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Day Style

Try to avoid letting this season’s hottest trend dictate the direction of your entire wedding design.

Resist the Temptation of Trends

Take some time to chat with your partner about how to marry your unique tastes into one cohesive wedding aesthetic.

Highlight Your Personality

Using Pinterest, wedding blogs, and bridal magazines as inspiration can help you during this first phase of planning.

Consider Design and Experience

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