Labor Costs: Budget Tips for Food and Decor

When first getting to know a client and formulating budget tips for their event, we’ll peruse digital images, such as their Pinterest. Often, they’ll point out a photo of an idea that looks gorgeous, but doesn’t quite fit in with their budget.

Lighting Try to string lighting from existing rigging points, like a roof line or trees close together, and near a power source. Ask your venue manager where it would be easiest to hang lights in that regard.

Here are a few budget-friendly tips:

Even the smallest floral order requires a team of people to pick up the flowers, cut and process each stem, and assemble. Containers need to be ordered and purchased, foam needs to be soaked, and often a cooler is needed for storage of the pieces.


Food trucks have taken the wedding world by storm, for good reason – they provide gourmet offerings for a fraction of the cost of full-service catering, so it’s one of our top budget tips to consider them for food service.


Hope this helps you in your budgeting and planning!