Madison Reed Hair Color Review

The Budget Savvy Bride

Madison Reed is a multi-dimensional hair color with a pleasant smell of dye that is both nourishing and hydrating.

Sharing my review and personal experience with the at-home hair color kit and products from Madison Reed. All opinions are my own!

My first experience with Madison Reed Hair Color

My latest product review came from Madison Reed – an awesome online hair color company that has some truly incredible products.

The hair color I chose was a nice deep brunette shade called Catania Brown – described as “Deep golden brown with hints of mahogany.” Pretty right? I ordered my kit and waited for it to arrive.

I opened up my kit and was so impressed with the thorough and organized display and directions. I mean, they seriously answered everything I could think to ask about this process.

As you can see I had some highlights put in this year — overall I was just feeling pretty blah about my current brassy color so I was excited to get a little change!

Utlimately, I followed the instructions as best I could and applied the brown hair color all over my head. Then I waited the appropriate amount of time before washing out!

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