Madison Reed Hair Color Review

I logged onto the Madison Reed website and took their color profile quiz. After I answered the questions about my current hair color, skin tone, hair texture, etc, the quiz provided a list of colors that would work for me!

One lazy Sunday I decided to take the plunge. I grabbed a wide-ish tooth comb and some hair clips (I bought these forever ago and use them whenever I’m trying to do anything fun to my hair which is like once in a blue moon…) and set up shop in my tiny NYC bathroom.

I opened up my kit and was so impressed with the thorough and organized display and directions. I mean, they seriously answered everything I could think to ask about this process.

2 pairs of gloves hair cap color barrier cream wipes color activator hair color shampoo conditioner

The Madison Reed Color Kit contents:

I took a moment to download the Madison Reed App – which leads you step by step through the process. It even follows voice commands that allows you to move forward to the next step hands free- so you don’t have to worry about getting color on your phone. Pretty genius!

The app encouraged me to take a before photo:

As you can see I had some highlights put in this year — overall I was just feeling pretty blah about my current brassy color so I was excited to get a little change!

So now are you ready to see the results? Voila! New Hair!

I am really happy with the color and how it turned out.  I love how multi-dimensional the color is – it makes for a much more natural look.

What do you think?

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