Make Your Own DIY Boho Dried Floral Boutonnieres

In this post, she shares her tips and tricks for using dried or bleached flowers and greenery in your diy flower projects!

You can legit make your own wedding boutonnieres from old, dried, or even foraged items from your yard. Follow this easy tutorial to see how we did it and what we used!

Dried Flower Boutonniere Tutorial

– Dead/Dried Crepe Myrtle Bush Buds – Tall Grass found in my yard – Dried Baby Eucalyptus – Dried Thistle – Dried/Bleached Bunny Tail Grass – Dried Israeli Ruscus

Dried Floral Supplies:

– Snips – Floral Tape

DIY Floral Supplies:

You can also use these dried elements for bouquets and centerpieces to achieve that gorgeous breezy bohemian look you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Start to Layer in Dried Pieces I like to start with leafy greenery or larger pieces first.

Step by Step Tutorial 

I went with dried eucalyptus for variation in color and texture.

2. Add in other dried bits.

Forage now, use later! Take a look around your backyard, or even the yard of a friend or family member.

Dried florals can be brittle and may break easily, just a heads up!

3. Remove any unnecessary leaves.

These are the pieces I got from my own backyard!

4. Layer in delicate grass.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this simple flower tutorial.