Marriage, Money,

and Credit Scores

Do you know your credit score? Check out this handy and free tool to determine your credit score (as well as your partner’s) before you tie the knot!

According to a recent survey, less than one in three people (31%) have their credit score memorized. Do you know yours? How about your fiancé’s? 

Do you know your partner’s credit scores? How about your own?

There are several ways you can check out your credit score online, including some that are free and fairly simple. But we recently learned about the CreditWise app from Capital One, which allows you to have access to your credit score at your fingertips – anytime, anyplace.

Do you even know how to figure it out or where to find it?

– Available for both Apple and Android – Unlimited access to your TransUnion credit information with no negative impact on your score – Notifications when there’s a change to your credit report – Credit simulator that allows you to see the potential impact of financial decisions before you make them

Reasons why we love the CreditWise app:

– An overview of the key factors that are currently impacting your credit score – A full list of both open and closed lines of credit, organized by account type (e.g., real estate, credit cards, personal loans, etc.) – Balance details for both open and closed accounts

Reasons why we love the CreditWise app:

You should definitely download to see where you stand, and make a plan with your future spouse to improve your scores by paying down debts and making good financial decisions!

Check out the CreditWise App from Capital One for your Android or Apple device!