The Most Binge-able Wedding Content on TV and Streaming

The Budget Savvy Bride

We all know that weddings can be a lot of work to plan. But there are so many reasons that people love to watch weddings unfold on TV or in movies!

From the over-the-top settings and decorations to the romance and personal drama, weddings are high-stakes events that are highly entertaining, whether fictionalized drama or reality tv!

No matter your wedding media tastes, there’s something for everyone who needs a good dose of vicarious nuptials.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your comfiest PJs, and settle in for some much-needed marathon watching.

Top Wedding Shows to Stream

Hosted by Tara Lipinski, Jove Meyer, and Jose Rolon, this trio watches and comments on real wedding footage from the LoveStoriesTV wedding archives!

Wedding Talk

Women from all over travel to New York to receive the dress shopping of their dreams and be featured on this famous show.

Say Yes to the Dress

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