Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

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Need help choosing the perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit? Check out these tips for selecting a style that suits your daughter’s wedding seamlessly!

Check out our tips and advice for choosing the perfect mother of the bride outfit for your daughter’s special day,

Top Tips for Choosing Unique Mother of the Bride Outfits

The day and time of the wedding will certainly dictate a specific level of formal. For instance, a Sunday brunch wedding would be considered less formal than a Saturday night affair. That said, styles and formality codes have also changed over the years! 

1. Consider the Formality of the Event

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the glam of your look, consider a style with sparkling details like this Capelet Keyhole Dress.

Capelet Keyhole Dress

This is a great way to make sure your attire complements the bridal party in all of those gorgeous pictures you will take. But remember, this doesn’t mean you have to match the bridesmaids or other family members exactly! 

2. Coordinate with the Wedding Color Scheme

The georgette set has comfy pants and flutter sleeves that instantly flatter. Available in all sizes and a variety of colors!

Special Occasion Flirty Pant Set from Draper’s & Damon’s

If there are other mothers such as the mother of the groom, you will want to make sure your outfits work together, but again, they do not have to match exactly! It is good etiquette to confer with them BEFORE making any final decisions so they don’t feel excluded or like an afterthought.

3. Confer with the other Mother(s)

While looking (and feeling) your best is absolutely a goal for this special occasion, it’s not worth it to sacrifice comfort for style. Remember, you will not only be wearing your Mother of the Bride outfit for the ceremony and reception themselves but likely for several hours before while taking photos with the bridal party and other family members.

4. Choose Something you Feel Comfortable In

This Special Occasion Flirty Two-Piece Dress from Draper’s and Damon’s is a perfect option. The way the layered top falls, you actually can’t even tell that the outfit is two pieces!

Two Piece Dress

Separates can be a lifesaver! Even if you are set on wearing something that LOOKS like a dress, that can often be achieved with a skirt and top that work together! Wearing separates often provides extra comfort, ease of movement AND is easier to navigate when you have to use the ladies’ room!

5. Consider Separates as Well as Dresses

When shopping for your Mother of the Bride attire, don’t forget the other wedding events you may be having such as a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch. 

6. Outfits for Other Wedding Events

Consider something like this Special Occasion Flirty Jacket Dress. The tunic-length jacket’s hemline dips to points in front and back.

Flirty Jacket Dress

A savvy Mother of the Bride knows that cost per wear is a key factor in attire choices. If you are going to spend money to feel your best, wouldn’t it be great to be able to wear that outfit again? Sometimes this means opting for a simpler look, and then dressing it up with accessories. You can always dress a garment up for your daughter’s wedding, and down for a different event like a Holiday party, New Year’s Eve gathering, or graduation party!

7. Rewearability

Don’t forget to accessorize! The jewelry, shoes, and handbags you choose can elevate your attire in a snap! Many MOB’s choose to wear matching jewelry with their daughter, a wonderfully sentimental gesture, and a great way to provide cohesive elements in your attire. 

8. Accessorize Accordingly

We hope these tips help you select the perfect style for the Mother of the Bride