Money-Saving DIY Wedding Elements That Look Priceless

According to a new study conducted by Design Bundles, by incorporating five money-saving D.I.Y items into your wedding planning, can save up to $1,500 on the total cost.

Doing D.I.Y stationery/invitations instead of using an outside company proved to be the largest saving item. It found a savings of $546 for D.I.Y. versus an average cost of $1,025 with a professional company.

Invitations/ Stationery

Welcome signage is another area where couples can save. Using a metallic easel, an acrylic board, and floral garlands only cost $84.47. Whereas the cost for a designer or professional signage can run $618. Total Savings: $533.

Welcome Signage

Flowers and Centerpieces

Looking at tables and their design, centerpieces make up the third-highest savings area. Professionally-designed centerpieces cost about $637, and with D.I.Y options, it can be done for just $359.

Venue Décor

The study found that for $591, couples can create an aisle runner elevated with scattered silky petals and an arrangement of pampas-adorned vases. A standing pipe can be sprayed with gold paint and supplemented by cascading eucalyptus flower garlands held by twine, which makes a wedding arch for only $310.

Wedding Favors

The study found that couples can save on wedding favors for their 200 guests by using a small-sized jute bag filled with gold-wrapped candies, $139 for all 200, then accessorizing them with dried lavender flowers held by mini pegs, and a handwritten “Thank you” tag.

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