Everything to Know About Outdoor Wedding Backup Plans

The Budget Savvy Bride

Your wedding’s style, venue, food, flowers, entertainment, and more remain squarely within your control. That’s why you carefully plan your wedding day after all!

But in between all of the details you are in charge of for your wedding, there is one specific thing you cannot control no matter how hard you try:  the weather.

The weather is the one thing you cannot control on your wedding day. It truly is a roll of the dice, no matter how you analyze what the forecast may or may not decide to do.

Creating a backup plan for a wedding day is actually really simple. The hard part is being open to it!

How do I create a backup plan for my wedding day?

Wedding Venues

The key thing is to tour both to ensure you love the venue’s indoor spaces equally as much as their outdoor spaces. If you can’t say that’s true, choose another venue!

Non-traditional Venues

Where things get a little trickier is when you’re getting married at an outdoor location or at home in a backyard. In these instances, indoor or covered locations might not be as plentiful. But there are still things you can do!

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