The Perfect Wedding Reception Playlist

How to Make

Looking to put together a DIY wedding playlist?  Check out this EPIC  Wedding Reception Playlist from Professional Wedding DJ’s to keep your wedding reception dance floor rocking all night long!

Our friends at Uptown Down Entertainment are sharing their best advice for putting together the perfect wedding reception playlist to keep your dance floor rocking all night long.

Couples who are considering DJing your own wedding, this post is for you!

6 Pointers for Putting Together the Perfect Wedding Playlist

No matter how you slice it, there are certain songs people just want to hear.  So don't be shy, play the hits!

Play the Hits


A good wedding reception playlist will have high moments and low moments- fast songs and slow songs. Times for people to dance close, times for people to slow dance, and even times for people to go get a drink so they can enjoy the dance floor even more.

Slow/Fast Song Ratio


While it’s true that anyone can perform the general ‘action’ of DJ’ing, being able to lead a party and not just randomly pick songs and hope for the best is something that takes experience, trial-and-error, and experimentation.

Find out the top 5 pop songs of that month and play those, especially if they’re faster songs. Just look at the Billboard Hot 100 charts or listen to the radio for a few hours and you’ll know exactly which ones to hit.

Play Current Top 5 Pop


When you’re DJ’ing, even 2-3 seconds of silence between songs can make a room feel SUPER weird and crush the momentum. You want to fluidly and seamlessly flip between songs so that there’s no awkward silence.

Use Crossfade


Don't rely on the venue having wifi access. Make sure you download your playlist in full to avoid embarrassment or delays in playing the music at your wedding reception!

Download Ahead of Time


So there you have it- a little psychology about picking a playlist for a DJ event, as well as some great playlists that you won’t have to think about.