41 places

to make extra money

for your wedding!

to sell your stuff

Looking for a way to recoup costs from your wedding day? Check out this list of over 40 different places to sell your stuff!

The following resale apps, sites, and stores may be able to help. Some of these services are free to list and sell, some take a percentage of profits, some pay cash outright, and others consign (meaning they sell your stuff and pay you once it sells).

Where Can I Sell

My Stuff?

One of the original online marketplaces, Craigslist is where you can list all sorts of things, from tools to toys to DVDs to antiques (and much more) for free.


Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to sell items in your local area. It’s free to create a listing that can be seen by anyone on and off Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace

Check out the marketplace on The Budget Savvy Bride to sell new or used wedding items! Get rid of your used wedding stuff or create new stuff to sell to an audience of wedding planning couples.

Savvy Weddings Marketplace

Wedzee is an online marketplace exclusively for weddings! Sell wedding stuff to other brides after your wedding day.


While you may think that Amazon is where you can buy new things, there are also a lot of opportunities to list used items, especially books.


The original selling platform, eBay can still be a good way to sell your stuff, especially if you want to reach buyers from around the world, or you’re looking to unload an unusual item (there is almost nothing you can’t sell on eBay).


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