Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget

Considering getting married away from home? Don’t miss these tips for planning a destination wedding on a budget.

Planning a destination wedding might not be exactly the wedding your family (and more specifically, your parents) had in mind for you, especially if it means lots of friends and family can’t come.

Go Easy on Your Family

This is true for any wedding, but especially for a destination wedding. Prices can vary greatly from place to place, so knowing how much money you’re going in with, and trying to stick to that budget, will help you narrow down your options.

Talk Budget Early

You might want to factor in the cost of working with a travel agent and a wedding planner. While it’s possible to make all the arrangements yourself, these people can save you a ton of time and, in the end, may even end up saving you a lot of cash, too.

Get a Travel Agent/Wedding Planner

To save some cash, you might consider having your honeymoon at the same destination as the wedding. You can always switch hotels after your guests leave to make it feel more special.

Go Easy on the Honeymoon

While we’re on the topic, consider keeping your bridal party small and intimate. Asking too many people makes them feel like they should come, even if they can’t afford it.

Remember Your Bridal Party

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