Post-Wedding Depression is a Real Thing: Tips for Combatting the Post-Wedding Blues

After you’ve finished your newlywed checklist, what do you do if you’re experiencing post-wedding depression or the post-wedding blues? Let’s talk about it.

Take some time to journal out what you’re feeling. Explore your emotions and try to get to the root of what is causing them. If you’re feeling like something really isn’t right, you may want to consider seeking outside support.

Take Inventory of Your Feelings

Seek Counseling

If you’re having days and weeks in a row where you are feeling down and not yourself, it might be worth seeking counseling. Perhaps that looks like counseling you and your partner do together, or it might look like sessions with a therapist on your own.

While we don’t recommend making any rash decisions, it’s worth it to explore changes you may be able to make in your life in order to keep that wedding happiness alive in new ways.

Make Changes

Whether it’s decorating your new home, learning a new artistic skill, or even starting a side hustle, having something creative to fill your time is fulfilling and will bring some excitement to your free time.

Find a New Creative Outlet

Plan Something New

Maybe that looks like delaying your honeymoon until a few months after your wedding so you have that to plan and look forward to post-vows, or maybe it looks like incorporating weekly date nights into your routine.

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