Your Wedding vs. Your Marriage: Which are You Prioritizing?

The Budget Savvy Bride

Sometimes, things just don’t turn out as you envision they will. Maybe you’ve spent hours working on a wedding DIY project only to have to redo it because you weren’t satisfied with the result.

You might feel tired, irritated, and so mad at yourself for not being talented enough to make something that would stun your wedding guests with its awesomeness. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time to take a little break from wedding planning to focus on something more important.

Your Wedding vs. Your Marriage: Which are You Prioritizing?

You’ve likely spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the wedding day, but what about preparing for your marriage?

Consider spending some of your time and energy learning to be a great spouse instead of obsessing over centerpieces. Rather than re-painting a photo frame because you can’t decide what color it should be, or scouring Amazon for the perfect decorative accent, invest some time into journaling about all the reasons why you’re excited to marry your future spouse.

Sure, the little details of a wedding are great. Who doesn’t love an elegant centerpiece or a beautifully decorated ceremony arch?

But just remember that looking perfect means nothing if your relationship isn’t solid. And in the long run, what is more valuable to you? Knowing that on one day in your life, someone admired your hand-lettered wedding signs, or knowing that your marriage is thriving because you’ve taken the time to completely invest in each other?

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