Premarital Financial Planning Part 1: Key Considerations and Conversations

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You’re diving headfirst toward marital bliss… but when it comes to finances between you and your spouse-to-be, are you blissfully ignorant? Maybe money feels overwhelming or is a tough topic to discuss without defensiveness or frustration.

Does any of this resonate? Studies have found that money fights are the top predictor of divorce. There’s good news, though: with the right approach, even without a whole lot of personal finance knowledge, you two can find your way to financial clarity, partnership, and peace of mind.

Premarital Financial Planning Part 1: Key Considerations and Conversations

I always recommend couples start by discussing what I call “Your Money & Relationships Story.” Here are some open-ended questions to get you started: – How did your parents or guardians handle money when you were growing up, and how do you think that affects your relationship with money today? – What good or bad money experiences did you have in any past relationships, whether around planning vacations together, living together, etc.?

Your Money & Relationships Story

Start by doing some self-reflection on these questions, and then get together and share what you came up with. In this process, effective communication looks like: – Focus on listening to your partner and getting to know them better – Not offer advice or criticism based on what they share. There will be a time for suggestions and solutions, but it’s not today. ...

Next, think about your money-related hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. Again, I suggest starting with some self-reflection, but if you feel comfortable, you can also jump straight into talking about this with your partner.

Hopes, Dreams, Fears, and Worries

Allow yourself to dream here, live in the clouds a little bit, even if you don’t think that your hopes and dreams are realistic. Especially if you’re typically anxious about money, that kind of dreaming may be challenging, but it’s worth it.

What are your biggest money-related hopes and dreams?

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