Premarital Financial Planning Part 2: Know Your Numbers

The Budget Savvy Bride

Welcome back to this series about working as a team with your spouse-to-be around your finances. Money is the #1 relationship stressor, and I’m here to help you make sure that in your marriage, that’s not the case. In fact, I want to help you make finances an area that brings you closer together and helps you live a life aligned with what really matters to you.

As a quick reminder, here’s a bit about me: I’m Adam Kol, The Couples Financial Coach. I help couples navigate sticky money situations together, whether they’re combining finances or not.

Premarital Financial Planning Part 2: Know Your Numbers

Money is emotional and relational, but it’s concrete, too. While even wealthy couples can be unhappy, it’s also true that all the love in the world can’t pay the rent. That’s why we need to address all aspects to get on the same page and make a plan. The numbers to know are basically: 1. Your current financial situation 2. The cost of your goals, priorities, wants, and needs

Key 2: Know Your Numbers!

The Four Essentials The key to understanding your current finances is what I call “The Four Essentials”: 1. Income 2. Expenses 3. Assets 4. Debts

Add up everything you earn in a year, and note the total. Then, divide it by 12 to see how much income you have each month. I strongly recommend using your actual take-home pay after any taxes and other deductions like for health insurance.


This means anything and everything you spend money on. Start by writing out each expense you’ve had for the last 2 calendar months.


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