Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Band or DJ for Your Wedding

While a playlist is perfect for virtually any other party, your wedding day is the time to turn to a pro. After all, they know their technology, and they keep dance floors full every weekend.

When you choose to create a playlist for a party, you will likely be drawn to specific songs that you currently love. But what about songs from years past that can bring on nostalgia, or songs that might bring your parents and grandparents out onto the dance floor?

Wedding bands and DJs know there’s more to music than a playlist.

Your professional wedding band or DJ will arrive well in advance of your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, depending on when they’re due to start their set and make sure all of their instruments and equipment are set up and ready for their live set.

Professional wedding DJs and Bands know how to set up (and make adjustments).

A professional will create and/or follow a timeline.

The flow of a wedding reception is so important. Your professional music team will watch the time, talk with your caterer, and make sure to keep things moving.

Professional DJs and Bands know how to read the energy in the room.

The energy in a reception room changes throughout the night. Professional bands or DJs can expertly cut first dance and parent dance songs down in length. Plus, pros know how to encourage guests to release some of their initial energy on the dance floor when they first arrive.

Professionals will allow you to stay in the moment.

If you’re in charge of your own music, you will be taken out of the moment on your wedding day. You’ve spent too much time and money for that to happen, plus you want to have fun on the dance floor! So, turn to the pros — this is your day to enjoy!

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