Protect Your

by Insuring Your Ring!

Precious Moments

Jewelers Mutual® Insurance Company-a company started 101 years ago- offers arguably the most comprehensive coverage for insuring your ring and other jewelry.

No matter if you’ve been engaged for five minutes or five months, allow us to say Congratulations! But have you ever considered the following scenarios: – You take your ring off while washing your hands at a restaurant and leave it on the bathroom counter.  – Your ring falls off and sinks to the bottom of the ocean while on vacation

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are currently 


One of the first things you should do once you get engaged is to secure an insurance policy for your engagement ring. The yearly investment on an insurance premium is a small price to pay to feel covered, protected, and worry-free when it comes to wearing your new bling.

Why You Should Insure Your Engagement Ring

Many included jeweler’s warranties only cover chipping / cracking and loss of the diamond from the mounting. They also usually cover unintentional damage to the ring and loss of any smaller diamonds. Many just have a lot of legalese language and they basically only cover manufacturer’s defects.

Many Jeweler Warranties are Limited

Between engagement parties, showers, and all that goes into planning the wedding day, you might not have even given a thought to insuring that precious new (or vintage) piece of jewelry on your finger!

According to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the most common reasons a policyholder makes an engagement/wedding ring claim is due to accidental loss or mysterious disappearance. Sadly, it can be a rude awakening to discover you’re not properly covered. And your treasured ring will be gone forever– you will be forced to pay to replace it yourself.

Don’t Let It Happen to You

Review your jeweler’s and homeowners’ policy to clarify what is covered. Get your engagement/wedding ring (and any other good jewelry) appraised and insured. And do it ASAP! You don’t want to find yourself in a sad situation because you didn’t get this taken care of.

Protect Yourself- Insure Your Rings!

Protect your most precious memories by insuring your ring today! Check out Jewelers Mutual for more information on their coverage, and get a free quote today.